Hi all, 

I know I have been uber quiet on all social channels and there has been a dearth of updates. However, rest assured, Steve has come to no harm and is still very much in development. In fact, Steve has been in that much development, that I have set a hard release date! September 20th 2018. 

There will be 15 levels in total (and a tutorial level – but that doesn’t count), 5 boss levels and a mix of puzzles, scrolling levels and a plethora of enemies to squash! 

The graphics have had a huge overhaul. Originally, I had a full screen post process effect, that gave everything the black sobel feature edge, but, after extended play-tests, I decided against using the feature edge, as I felt it ‘muddied’ the image. After removing the feature edge, the resulting image is cleaner, sharper and overall a nicer aesthetic. I hope the players agree. 

The narration script has almost doubled in size and all recording and mastering has been completed. So, fear not, the narrator is in force, throughout the game, to really ‘cheer’ you on….well, not cheer per se, but, the narrator is there. 

Please feel free to follow the progress of the game on social, using the links below. 

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Check out the latest gameplay video as well. If you have any thoughts or comments about the game, please feel free to leave them below, I am always super keen on learning what I could fix or change to make the game better!

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