In the game Steve can perform multiple jumps, one after the other! Not once, not twice, but, three times! Triple jump! Never before has the world seen a triple jump (don’t mention Mario 64!). Timing is key with the jumps, however, you need get the most out of the jumps height and ability to cover long distances.

Steve can perform three attacks, the most powerful of which is the Super Smash. This upgrade increases the distance in which damage is caused. So, the more you upgrade the ability, the more on screen carnage there is! Sound good? Great. Move along.

Yeah, I know, turning into a hand, woohoo. Who cares. Anyway, lets just get on with this. Steve can turn into a hand, gets into smaller areas, limited time, blah blah and the rest. This upgrade increases the amount of time you can spend as the rat…I mean hand. AKA, not a dinosaur…..pft.

Collecting the gems in the first few worlds will be tricky and you will have to be super precise! This upgrade creates a ring around the gems, meaning, when Steve gets within that ring, the gem moves to him. The more you upgrade, the larger the ring becomes! You will be the Pied Piper of gems. Beautiful.

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